Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Toddler Edition

Do you need to get your kids a Valentine’s Day gift? The answer is absolutely not. Would I rather buy my kids a toy than candy? Absolutely! As a kid we always got a fun gift on Valentine’s Day. I love continuing this tradition with my own kids. My focus on intentional celebrating doesn’t only include gifts. I love getting in the kitchen with my kids to make special holiday treats, packing a Valentine’s Day themed lunch, or even reading a themed book together. Kids are SIMPLE- they love celebrating in the biggest and smallest ways. This year, like most, we will be kicking off the big day with a reasonable gift and possibly some heart shaped pancakes! All of that being said, toddlers are hard to buy for and it can sometimes seem pointless to buy them anything at all! Have no fear- I’ve tested nearly every toy out there on my crazy two year old and these are the top six most played with toddler toys in our house. Everything is around 30.00 and under. Enjoy!

  1. These blocks are so cute to look out with tons of sensory fun! Soft and easy to hold for little hands. CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

  2. I was shocked at how much both of my kids love the Bilibo. Created to encourage imaginative play, it does that and so much more! CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

  3. Both of my kids love these oversized blocks. They could spend hours building and knocking them over. CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

  4. The Mickey Nesting blocks are such a hit at my house! and for around 9.00 what do you have to lose?! CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

  5. My two year old is obsessed with this- stick it on the fridge and keep them entertained while you cook dinner! CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

  6. For around 11.00 you can basically keep the entire family entertained with one toy. Heck, even I love it. CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

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NOTE: I make a very small commission when you purchase with my links. I appreciate you all so much for taking the time to read and shop!



Chasity Siron