Fun With Picasso Tiles


If you guys are like us you've got toys everywhere. Toys under the couch, under the bed, in the bathroom-- Heck, I could probably find a block in one of my shoes if I tried. BUT, even with tons of options for playtime, have you ever noticed that your kids only play with a select few? 


Every kid has their favorites. For us, it tends to be toys that are interactive and encourage imaginative play. I was thrilled when Picasso Tiles asked if they could send us the Bristle Block Farm Set for review.  I wasn't surprised when both kiddos really enjoyed playing with them.

The first thing I noticed was the convenient box that they came it. It's perfect for storage and even has a plastic handle for carrying. Unlike similar products we've had in the past, these blocks are easy to build with and hold up very well. Both of my kids, ages 6 and 1, could make them stick together without a problem. My husband and I even got in on the fun! 

This set comes with 100 pieces and at around 25.00 it's a fantastic value. Not only will this become a "go-to" toy on those rainy days but it also makes a unique gift to give. I'm always looking for birthday gifts around this price point, and I feel like these would be a crowd pleaser. 

In conclusion, these were a hit. The older kids enjoy building and using their imaginations while little ones work on those fine motor skills with some sensory play- it's a win win in my book. I hope you all found this review to be helpful. I'll link this set below and feel free to ask questions. I also have a video of us using this product on my Instagram- head over there to check it out!



CLICK HERE to purchase your own Bristle Block Farm Set



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