SoundBot for Kids Headphone Review!


It's all about technology these days. Remember back when we were kids? We spent all of our time playing outside and there wasn't an iPad in sight. Things have really changed since then! Both of my kids- ages 20 months and six years LOVE tablets, YouTube, and listening to music ( my oldest is obsessed with Adele). 

That being said, I was thrilled when our friends at SoundBot sent my oldest a pair of their Bluetooth headphones to try! She absolutely loves to use headphones in general, but this pair from SoundBot has some extra cool features that she and I both love.

First of all, you guys know that I love to share products that are high in quality and low in price. So far, these Bluetooth rechargeable headphones have really impressed me. On amazon they cost a whopping 7.99-- an excellent price point for all that they offer. 

Let's talk about all of the special features that make this momma happy:

-They have up to 33 feet in wireless range

-Volume IQ technology keeps your kids from turning the sound up to high! (I love this feature)

-Built in microphone- that means the kids can chat with grandma and grandpa without having your precious phone in their hands! WINNING.

`-Adjustable headband- These say they are for ages 3 and up

-Lightweight- they definitely are.

- Build in rechargeable battery- hands down my favorite feature! I hate replacing batteries.

-High-performance long lasting battery performance for up to 11 hours of music playback time via wireless streaming and 250 hours of standby time from 33 feet away with free line of sight. 

These would be perfect for road trips and airplane rides. They also cancel out a lot of sound so I plan on letting her wear them during fireworks season. 

We will definitely be packing these on the 18 hour drive to Disney World in November! 

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These are so lightweight and easy to wear that she fell asleep with them on!

These are so lightweight and easy to wear that she fell asleep with them on!

Chasity Siron