Don't get Jealous, Get Busy


I started blogging reluctantly. What if no one likes it? What if I have 200 followers on Instagram forever? What if I’m not pretty enough, interesting enough, cool enough…The enemy is excellent at putting fear and self-doubt into our heads, isn’t he?

I am writing this post because I often get messages from followers that go something like this: “Man, I would love to be a blogger. I’m so jealous!” Every time I get a message like that it takes me back a bit. We live in a society where we are all constantly worried about what other people think of us. There are at least 50 people that roll their eyes every time I promote my blog on Facebook- and that’s ok. At the tender age of 33 I’ve finally learned the secret to living your best life-and it’s not a pricey face cream or the biggest house on the block. Instead, it’s about valuing yourself with no strings attached. Valuing yourself can mean so many things.

Jon and I recently had a discussion about how easily we stray away from our god given talents once we become parents. When I met Jon he was doing improv comedy- he’s amazing at it and he loves it. So why isn’t he still making time to do that today? That’s a great question and one that we’re researching during this season of our life. I was a singer back in the day- yep that’s right. I’ve been singing since I was little. I even opened up for a couple of up and coming country singers when I was younger. I would often do the national anthem for football games throughout my college years. And guess what- my husband plays guitar. SO, you’re eventually going to see some music stuff from us. Why? Because it’s fun and we enjoy it. My whole point is that if you love doing something- you should do it. You might say you don’t have time- but think about all of those moments where you sleep in or binge watch Netflix- you do have time. Use it wisely.

I really want to encourage each and every one of you to stop being jealous of people you see on the internet. I hear this so much- if it’s not about me, it’s about someone else. My husband will even tell you he often thinks that social media can steal your joy- and it can if you let it. There is literally no goal that is to big for you and your family. You’ve always wanted to own your own business? GREAT- make a plan and get started even if it’s from your living room! You wish you were a blogger/influencer but you’re afraid to get started- afraid of judgy eyes or that your audience won’t grow- afraid of failure. DO it anyway. Do what makes you happy. You’ll quickly learn that by making yourself happy, you'll make others happy, too. Having a creative outlet will improve the relationship you have with your children and husband. It’s incredible what loving on yourself can do.

We all have those “But what will people think” moments. The truth is that some people will be hateful and jealous of your success- and if you’re not successful? They’re jealous that you had the guts to try something they have always wanted to do. Don’t be that person that doesn’t do something simply because Jane down the street has already started. You are the only person who can decide what your life is going to be like. You get to choose- so don’t get jealous, get busy.



Chasity Siron