Hey guys! Those of you who have followed me from the start know that I’m thrifty and love a good deal. People are always asking me where to buy certain things and a lot of the time the answer is AMAZON. I’m so happy to partner with them as an influencer. In this post i’m going to share some of the most popular categories from my Amazon store front. I love that Amazon allows me to organize my shop with my own followers in mind. I’ve linked tons of products! Everything from my favorite Cricut stuff, to hot Christmas toys, farmhouse décor, clothes for the kids for under 15, and so much more! I do make a small commission when you shop my links and I’m so grateful that you all take the time to follow and shop with me!

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CLICK HERE for My must have baby items

CLICK HERE for Getting started with CRICUT

CLICK HERE for BOY STYLE under 15.00

CLICK HERE for My Must have Kitchen Gadgets

CLICK HERE for HOT Christmas toys 2018


CLICK HERE for KETO Must haves

CLICK HERE for Farmhouse Decor

New items will be added daily- if there’s a list you’d like me to add please send suggestions via email - or on Instagram.



Chasity Siron