Picasso Tiles Roll Up Piano Review


I always love a toy that kids of all ages can enjoy. Picasso Tiles was nice enough to let us try out their roll up piano. It has a ton of great features that even my husband and I really enjoyed! First of all, it rolls up. You can stick it in your bag for travel with ease. Don't worry about how noisy it is because you can use headphones with it! It comes with eight unique tones, a record feature, volume control, and my favorite- you can plug it in! It comes with a battery feature as well, but you all know at this point that I HATE buying batteries. Our entire household had a fantastic time playing with this! The keys are designed with real piano key width and spacing which gives you a realistic piano feel! 

It's under 40 dollars and would make a unique gift that most ages would love!

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Chasity SironComment