Colorful Hair Extensions for Kids

My six year old has been begging us to let her color her hair a crazy color. There's no way that was happening. I know that people do it all of the time, but after talking to several salons it requires bleaching your hair before you even put the color on! There's no way I was doing that to her beautiful flowing locks- However, I think we found the perfect compromise. Salon 3:16 in Ozark, Missouri recommended that we do a fun colored hair extension instead of doing hair color and I was so grateful for the suggestion. 

We had a wonderful experience. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • The hair is attached using a medical grade adhesive. It grows out with the hair it's attached to and can be moved up three times before It's no longer usable.
  • (The cost of moving it up is 12.00)
  • They have multiple colors to choose from in the salon- no special order is needed.
  • It doesn't harm your hair at all.
  • You can wash and style it as you would your normal hair.
  • My daughter says she can't even tell there's anything on her head.
  • The process is fast and easy.

Let's talk pricing- In my opinion it was extremely reasonable. 

The hair cut cost 18.00 and included wash/blowout/styling.

The Hair extension was 24.00.

Both Paisleigh and myself were extremely happy with how it turned out. She also really liked her stylist I think her name was Justina (but I can't remember exactly).

So, if your kid has been begging you for their hair to look like a unicorn mane I'd highly recommend doing a hair extension instead of hair dye. Check with your local salons to see if they offer a similar option and let me know what you think!




Chasity SironComment